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Kovan's OGBot Modified

Since official Kovan's OGBot doesn't work anymore, you can download this modified bot which works with OGame 0.77c.
It has pretty much the same features, but also a number of new ones, including some which will hopefully make it harder for game operators to detect it.

You can find the changelog and some additional info on, or get support on Kovan's OGBot forums.

Since I stopped playing like 8 months ago (phew, so long), I haven't been much active as far as OGame is concerned, so I'm pretty much out of the loop on most of the things. Thanks to a kind reader that pointed my attention to this! Due to the lack of accounts I can't test if and how this customized OGbot works, but judging by the activity and support on OGBot forums it seems it works well. It's pretty simple when it comes to configuring it, and you should be pillaging thy fellow players for resources in no time.

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