How to cheat and get away with it

OGame Planet Builder v2

A couple of years ago a new bot appeared by the name of OGame Planet Builder. Back then I posted about it, and while at first it looked like a very promising tool, it was soon discovered it may be stealing user's passwords and what not.

A new version of OGPB is in the works by a couple of folks. The authors claim it does not and never will steal password or anything like that, so it's probably "safe" to use (don't forget no bot is 100% safe, Gameforge is like an ugly fat chick just waiting to catch you!).

For more details about the features visit the OGPBv2 forum.

The tool is currently in beta and you can apply for testing on their forum, as well as submit your own suggestions. Personally I can't try out the bot and don't know how and if it works, but you're welcome to check it out. With your help it might get released sooner rather than later, so go ahead and visit OGPBv2 forums and apply for beta testing.

Just don't get caught ;)

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