How to cheat and get away with it

Kovan's OGBot

Kovan's OGBot, although translated to english which I like for a change, works only on spanish ogame ( Unfortunately, I'm far from Spain and don't have an account there so this is one more bot that I can't try.
So far, it can send attacks on inactive planets and has it's own espionage database. It may not seem much but judging by the screenshots it's doing it's job pretty good.
Hopefully someday the author will be kind enough to make it work on all localized ogame versions - unlikely though, it hasn't been updated in few months.
You can see more screenshots and download the bot from the author's site.
If anyone here plays on spanish universes, please tell me if it works or not. Thanks.

OGame Bot

Although I got this bot a couple of weeks ago, it was released to public today.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to work, mostly because I don't understand any french. And to be honest I didn't bother much either. I'm looking forward to the day when I will find a bot translated to english.
Anyway, I'll just list some features:

  • exporting galaxy map to OGSpy/Galaxytool
  • usage of proxy servers
  • emulation of human behaviour (mmm...)
  • auto fleet rescue (fleet save)
  • alarm when attacked (sound, external applications, url's ...)
There's a lot more features, but you'll have to figure it out yourself. You can use Babelfish to translate the page.
I'm really hoping for a good english translation of this software, it looks very promising so far.

Thanks to the author for giving me a head start ;)

later edit:
After some consideration I have decided to remove the links to author's website. He has a nice explanation on his site on how to steal people's accounts. Cheating is as far as I go. This is where I draw the line, in my opinion stealing other people's hard earned accounts is immoral and low.
However, I have uploaded the bot to Rapidshare and YourFileLink, you can download the bot there. If you are unable to download from those sources, post a comment and I will upload somewhere else.
The following mirrors are provided by the author:
If the author has any objection he's welcome to contact me.

OGame Spy Report Beautifier

This script is not published on, at least I haven't found it yet.
I'm still thinking whether to use it or not, since I play for 10 months now I can pretty much estimate how many cargos I need. It takes a day or two to get used to it, but it can be useful in times.
Anyway, the script adds the required number of cargo ships to steal resources in a spy report. You need Greasemonkey to use it.
Although it is written in portugese, you can just change the source of the script to say "small cargos" and "large cargos" in english, or any other language (I don't think the author will mind if you do ;) ).
To do that, open Greasemonkey options - either right-click on the icon in status bar, or go to Tools > Add-ons > Greasemonkey > Options. Then find Ogame Cargos Calc., and click on edit. A dialog opens, asking you to find the program you want to edit it with - WordPad (not Word) will be fine, Notepad might mess things up. When you have it opened, change the following to whatever you want:

  • Cargueiros Necessarios - Cargos necesarry
  • Cargueiros Pequenos - Small cargos
  • Cargueiros Grandes - Awesome huge slow cargos
And save. That should do the trick.
The author claims this script works only on portugese ogame, although it worked for me on I'll try later today on, I need a few hundred deuterium for combustion drive, in order to be able to spy someone. Any offers?
You can check the authors blog for more info and a link to install the script.

Thanks for the mail ;)

Later update: works on

More update: seems it doesn't work on .org. Showing zero cargos required.

One more update: the script is updated to work with

Did you ever cheat in OGame

I've added a little poll here, and I'm eager to see the results after a few days. So the question is: do you cheat in OGame or not? How many of you cheaters are there?
And yeah, I said how many of you, not how many of us. Despite the fact that I'm getting better and better at this, I still play fair; I do have a multiaccount though but it's 3 galaxies away and there was no contact so far - I just wanna be prepared if the day comes.
When did you start to cheat and why? Did my site help? You ever got banned? Share your experience.

OGAL - OGame Alarm

OGAL is a OGame alarm tool which can send SMS messages when you are under attack.
It's damn usefull, but unfortunately only to polish UNI6 users. The author stopped developing the tool some time ago so there's little chance for the tool to support other languages and universes. I've e-mailed the author to see if he plans on adding new features, when and if I receive a reply it will be updated here.
(old download link removed)
I don't think a tool like this is hard to make, but then again I know almost nothing about programming. If some of you folks have the skills and some time to spare, this might be a nice idea for your next project.


After talking to the author, it has come to my attention that this tool is still under development, although not on Sourceforge, but on this polish Ogame forum.
You can download the latest version of OGAL and read more about it in this topic (most of you, including me won't understand much due to polish language). You also need to download a patch for OGAL in order for it to work.
The author claims it works for all world universes now, although I am unable to confirm that since my account on .org is only a few hours old :). I'll take his word for it.
It seems there are various options included in this version, including a feature that can launch external applications, for sending SMS messages or e-mails.
All in all, the tool looks awesome, although there is room for improvement.
I'm not sure if it can be traced or not, perhaps the author wishes to post a comment here to clarify that. Perhaps it should 'check' your account in random, customizable intervals, say every 2-5 minutes - I can't find that information.
The only thing I can't forgive is the lack of english translation and documentation. Hopefully that will be added soon.

Many thanks to Bojer, OGAL author, who was very helpful with this.

Hello Gameforge

I noticed I'm getting visitors from this forum... Nice of you to stop by dear GO's, it seems I'm on the right track here since I got your attention. If any of you guys feel like sharing some inside information I'll be delighted to hear, you can stay anonymous if you want I won't mind.
I'm sure we can work something out ;)

Automate data input in GalaxyTool

It is mentioned in the post about SheepPro that automated tools are illegal from Gameforge's point of view, so I suggest you be careful when using this. Use your multiaccount not your main account.
You probably won't get caught, unless you update 10 times a day - but nevertheless don't say I didn't warn you.
The script is called OGame Galaxy Return 2, and you need Greasemonkey to use it.
You could always just manually fill your Galaxytool, but there's no fun in that.

SheepPro - OGame Galaxy Map

SheepPro is a searchable galaxy database available for all .org universes, much similar to Galaxytool (I'll say a few things about that soon ;) ).
I can't find any information about how often it is updated on SheepPro website, but when searching about it on forums someone mentioned once a month. Gameforge says this tool is illegal, because the author uses an automated script to search the galaxy.

Let's try to clear this a bit shall we.

In this thread:
User: you cannot ban someone for visiting a website (sheeppro)
not to mention track it at all.
Game Admin's answer: I can and I will...

So, this admin can obviously track the websites you visit? Oh dear what a child... There are only two ways he can know you visited SheepPro website: you can either tell him yourself, or he would have to get access to website owner's visitor logs - no real chances for any of this to happen. Even if you visit the site, doesn't mean you used it. The only person that can get banned here is the admin (website admin not OGame admin) because, as mentioned, he uses automated means to scan the galaxy and input it into the database. They can track him thats for sure, there are many database queries when he scans the galaxy and it surely does raise an alert or two.
Again, you are perfectly safe to use SheepPro (whats sheep got to do with OGame?), just don't tell it to the admins.

Well enough about that. Lets review the features a bit. All of the standard stuff is here, searching for players, viewing statistics, alliances... But the advanced statistics search rocks. You can filter the search with custom values. For example, it's easy to find players with, say, more than 1000 and less than 3000 ships. I bet it can be very usefull to all the raiders out there.

Thanks a bunch to a dear reader who pointed me to SheepPro ;)
If anyone has anything to contribute just post a comment. Thank you.

Ogame Multitool

While I personally can't find any good use for this tool, some may find it usefull I hope.
The Ogame Multitool provides several tools for OGame, with very similar features as O-calc: fleet costs, technologies, flight time, mines production, moon destruction, phalanx range, interplanetary rockets range etc.
If you find it usefull, or you just want 'o-calc offline' go ahead and download.

Ogame Bot - Resources Finder

OGame Resources Finder will find debris fields in a given coordinate range and filter them in a suitable table. Now I'm not quite sure what the author on this page tryed to tell us with that but I'll take his word for it.
The bot can also calculate necesarry time for your recyclers to arrive to a certain debris field, and automatically send them. Now that sounds cool to me, but there is one catch. The price for the bot is $10. There is a free demo version available which works with only, but it would take me a couple of weeks to get recyclers since I don't play there.
The author is planning to introduce the following features in newer versions, I'd really love to see that:

- Making the robot for development of the new planets. He itself will all build on Your plan.
- Auto-Save fleet, at hold up, program will be an automaton to save the fleet.

Unfortunately, I can not personally vouch whether this piece of software works or not, but if you decide to buy or try it please let me know.

Proxy servers list

I found a better list of proxy servers for your OGame multiaccounts than the one in this post.
You can even check which of them are online from the site, or opt-in to receive e-mails with working proxies every day, although that feature requires payment.
The list can be found here.

O-calc provides several usefull tools to calculate various costs in Ogame universe.
Among them are:

  • calculate how many points is your colony worth
  • flight time calculator
  • buildings, researches, fleet and defense costs
  • graviton technology research costs
  • fleet costs
  • resource production calculator

and several other tools.
O-calc is a free tool, available in different languages - English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Turkish and Portugese, and is being used by thousands of players every day.

Ogame skin maker

OGame Skins Maker is an OpenSource Software disitributed under the GNU G.P.L. license.
It enables you to create your Ogame skins with simplicity and rapidity.

The software is appeared as a notepad equipped with the CSS syntaxic colouration which will simplify the vision of the code for you. It's wizard will create a code with half of the elements of a classic skin, as well as a skins viewver and an Images Manager.
Other less important tools make also their appearance like the Firefox Configuration Wizard, for you to use your skin with FireFox and the creator of server script, which will enable you to visualize all the skins available on a site in only one click!

OGame Skins Maker is available in varied languages: French, English, Dutch, Italian, Croatian and Turkish.

You can download OGame skins maker here or visit the website.
Also, an online skin viewer is available on the site.

Ogame wants you!

I talked a bit about various player's suggestions on Ogame forums in one of my previous posts, but this time I'll help you if you feel like contributing.
I'll use only forum, since players from various other localised universes gather there, and it is believed that more serious and experienced players are on
If you want to post your own suggestion, I recommend reading rejected ideas first, then do try reading the general suggestion rules so your thread won't get deleted immediately. Although 99.9% of the things you will post will be flamed, mostly by forum moderators and admins who are too lazy to pass on your feedback to appropriate developers, it's still worth a try if you care about the game.

If you're suggesting a new ship, this program might be handy for you. Be sure to read dead end ship ideas, maybe yours was already suggested.
If you're idea is about something else, you can read about dead end suggestions in general.
I have to admit, what some people post there is complete bullsh**, but every now and then there are, at least in my opinion, brilliant ideas, which get great response from community.
Why there is usually no word about it from developers, I have no clue.


Speedsim is not a cheat, and you are most likely a noob if you haven't heard of it. There's also DragoSim but I don't care much about it lol.
So what is Speedsim: it's a combat simulator. You just enter then number of attacker's and defender's ships or defense, press calculate and see who wins the battle. Simple as that. Here's your download link.
It also supports inputing spy reports from clipboard, it can calculate the speed of your fleet and deuterium costs at various speeds. A whole bunch of features and it's all free.

Getting your first multiaccount

There is no secret to getting a multiaccount (multi :P), it's as easy as 123: just make a new account and play. What most players aren't bothering with is brainstorming about how are admins able to track your multiple accounts.

So, lets start with the basics of 'privacy'.
Admins (GO's or game operators, or game admins, take a pick) can connect your in-game account with your forum account - not just with IP, but also with cookies. Most users don't ever bother deleting cookies, even if they do know about them.
If you're using Firefox, you can delete them by going to Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies, and press the Clear cookies now button. In Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Delete cookies button. For Opera users, Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies > Manage cookies.

Next step is hiding your IP address. You can view your IP adress on this page.
Usually, reconnecting or reseting your modem does the trick, but if your ISP is always providing you with a static IP that won't work. Sure, you can play with more account on the same IP address, but you want to 'play it safe'.
What you need in that case - or in case you don't want to reconnect all the time like me - is a proxy server.

From wikipedia:
A proxy server is a computer that offers a computer network service to allow clients to make indirect network connections to other network services. A client connects to the proxy server, then requests a connection, file, or other resource available on a different server. The proxy provides the resource either by connecting to the specified server or by serving it from a cache.
I hope you understand now what a proxy server is, cause I'm not explaining it further. What you need to know is how to set up your browser to connect to one.
So, let's say you're using Firefox to surf websites, play Ogame, watch porn etc. You can set up IE or Opera to connect through a proxy server. Why use two browsers you might ask - well, you can then be logged in with two accounts, with different IP adresses and cookies. If a certain site, in this case Ogame, sets up a cookie in Firefox, that cookie won't be seen (shared) with IE or Opera or other browsers. It saves you the trouble of deleting your cookies all the time, and there's no way admins can connect both of your accounts.
Just don't do the obvious: don't send resources to your main account (usually higher ranked), that's pushing. But you can set up colonies in your system and farm your multi when needed. Just play like a noob and you'll be ok :)
Just imagine the possibilities: your system can be full with your multiaccount's colonies - nobody can 'move in' to recycle you, and the best part is, you can farm yourself as much as you want to. If there's still free colony spots, just make another multi :D

Ok, now the tech part, setting up your browser to connect through a proxy server.
It's fairly simple, I'll explain how to do it in Opera. If you want to use some other browser for your multiaccount, just digg a bit in options.
In Opera, go to Tools > Preferences, select Advanced tab, find Network and click on Proxy servers button. Check HTTP checkbox, and input your favorite proxy server's IP address and port. Leave the rest empty it's not important, unless you know what you're doing.
If you don't have a favorite proxy server, you can do a Google search and you will find lists with plenty of them. Some might not work but it won't take long to find one. If you're really having trouble finding one, you can check this list.
After you set it up, don't forget to check your IP address again just to make sure everything is allright.
And, one more thing to mention - don't login to your forum account from both browsers.

If you have any suggestions, critics, flames... leave a comment
That's enough for today's lesson, happy Ogaming :)

The business of Ogaming

I just visited Gameforge homepage, to see their project/product portfolio. And I was indeed surprised.
They currently have 12 online browser-games. Also, from their website, I found out they have 40 permanent employees.
Judging by this, Ogame is obviously not their only venture, but as far as I know, it is the biggest. I find it a bit frustrating when a company does not seem to care much about their customers.
Ogame is currently localised for 15 different languages. There are dozens of new posts each day on the forums, with quality feedback and suggestions, and only a handful of them were so far taken into consideration, or implemented in game. Sure, there are lots of bugs that need attention as well, but since 2003 when Ogame was released, it has not changed much. They did implement AKS (alliance kampf system), no-fire bug is supposedly fixed, sometimes you have special universes (30% od defenses go into debris and similar), intergalactic research network and alliance depo were not around since start... But all the great feedback they receive from players around the world, about new ships or technologies, is usually either flamed by their forum admins and goes into oblivion, or it is supposedly passed on to developers, never to be heard again.
Ogame is addictive, I can tell you that. But after time, it gets boring. Most people play the same way, there are no new tactics or ships to explore. I am positive there are tons of players out there looking for a reason to start playing again.
Also, and I know this from personal experience, when developers decide to make important changes in game, they have no interest in player's opinion. Usually, there is a poll on forums, and 20+ page discussions, but everyone knows from start their opinion is not important.

I would dare to compare this with another game I'm familiar with, World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment. WoW is not a browser game, but it is very similar on addiction part.
Blizzard currently has 7 million subscribers and growing each day. But unlike Gameforge (ok Blizzard is a multi-billion dollar company but you will see my point), they are adding new stuff all the time. New content patches are being released every few months, and now, The Burning Crusade expansion is on its way. Blizzard has hundreds of servers powering their game, and are raking in so much money most of us can't even imagine. Now they are in the process of upgrading hardware on all servers because they expect a huge comeback of players when the expansion is released.
Should Gameforge expect a comeback of players? I think not. You played the game, you were good at it, perhaps you had the biggest fleet in your universe, you were unbeatable and now there's simply nothing else to do. It used to be a passion and an obsession, now it's just a annoyance.
I would stop playing long time ago, but I'm just too good at it :D
But as soon as I really get bored, I won't think twice.


Greasemonkey, also known as grees@ is yet another usefull Firefox extension.
Here's a description from official Greasemonkey site:

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior. In much the same way that user CSS lets you take control of a web page's style, user scripts let you easily control any aspect of a web page's design or interaction.

You can install Greasemonkey from this page!

What we are interested here is, how can it improve your Ogaming.
Most common uses (scripts) are:

  • Directly send recycler, spy a planet or moon from galaxy
  • Removes commander ad, and other ads
  • Removes Commander info from left menu
  • Show colored alliances in galaxy panel, variable size of debris field icon, adds arrival time to flights overview...

You can download Ogame scripts for Greasemonkey and install them just few clicks. No need to pay for Commander anymore.
If you're a bit advanced user, you can make a custom script yourself and add even more functionality. can help you with the first steps.

I am unsure whether Greasemonkey is legal or not, you should contact GO's in your universe and ask. But even if it's not legal, there is no way you can be tracked if you use it.


Foxgame is a free Firefox extension, and surprisingly, it's legal.


  • Automatic universe selector in login page.
  • Reduced galaxy view
  • Extra delete options and spy report options: You can control messages from the top or the bottom.
  • Fleet arrival and return time: In fleet destiny selection page you will see the time when you fleet will arrive and come back to your planet.
  • Fleet retreat time: In fleet page you will see the time when your fleet will arrive if you order to come back.
  • Multilanguage support
  • Almost all finishing hours: Research and buildings finishing hours, hangar's qeue finishing time, you can see date/time in overview if you wish and even in phalanx.
  • Highlight ally and private messages: Ally and private messages now have a diferent background to see them easily.
  • Highlight big debris fields: Debris fields bigger than you fix min will have different background in galaxy view.
  • Autochoose mision type: You can define mission priorities so FoxGame will select the mission according to that.
  • Online DBs integration: Send reports to Milos (only, EspRep and GalaxieTool directly within OGame (solar systems, stats and spy reports supported).
  • In mines and power plants info screens (the ones you see when you click in the name) you will see the diferences between your actual level and the rest.
  • Autoselect fleet destination: Select coord text anywhere go to fleet send screen and Voila! the destination is already selected. There is no need to take down numbers anymore.
  • Private message signatures.
I find it incredibly usefull, as it will save you a bunch of time. You can install Foxgame and see for yourself.

Looking for reasons to cheat?

1. You can finally have your revenge
2. Ogame screwed up your life
3. You're bored
4. You know other players are cheating also, why shouldn't you
5. You need resources (we all do)
6. You don't care about your account
7. Cheating will give you an edge cause you can't play all day like some other people
8. Ogame sucks
9. You need a reason to stop playing and ban is ok with you
10. Their ads and bugs and skins and lag and game operators and brainless 12 year old's online 24/7 and posting ridicilous posts on forums are annoying you
11. It's more fun to cheat


I'm in top 20 in one universe. I never cheated before, and I can't decide whether I should or not. Lately it seems I'm all alone in the fair play club.
I'm your proof that you can be good without playing 24/7, and you don't need cheats.
Still, if cheating is your preferrer way of playing, knock yourself out. I'll try to help as much as I can.

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