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The business of Ogaming

I just visited Gameforge homepage, to see their project/product portfolio. And I was indeed surprised.
They currently have 12 online browser-games. Also, from their website, I found out they have 40 permanent employees.
Judging by this, Ogame is obviously not their only venture, but as far as I know, it is the biggest. I find it a bit frustrating when a company does not seem to care much about their customers.
Ogame is currently localised for 15 different languages. There are dozens of new posts each day on the forums, with quality feedback and suggestions, and only a handful of them were so far taken into consideration, or implemented in game. Sure, there are lots of bugs that need attention as well, but since 2003 when Ogame was released, it has not changed much. They did implement AKS (alliance kampf system), no-fire bug is supposedly fixed, sometimes you have special universes (30% od defenses go into debris and similar), intergalactic research network and alliance depo were not around since start... But all the great feedback they receive from players around the world, about new ships or technologies, is usually either flamed by their forum admins and goes into oblivion, or it is supposedly passed on to developers, never to be heard again.
Ogame is addictive, I can tell you that. But after time, it gets boring. Most people play the same way, there are no new tactics or ships to explore. I am positive there are tons of players out there looking for a reason to start playing again.
Also, and I know this from personal experience, when developers decide to make important changes in game, they have no interest in player's opinion. Usually, there is a poll on forums, and 20+ page discussions, but everyone knows from start their opinion is not important.

I would dare to compare this with another game I'm familiar with, World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment. WoW is not a browser game, but it is very similar on addiction part.
Blizzard currently has 7 million subscribers and growing each day. But unlike Gameforge (ok Blizzard is a multi-billion dollar company but you will see my point), they are adding new stuff all the time. New content patches are being released every few months, and now, The Burning Crusade expansion is on its way. Blizzard has hundreds of servers powering their game, and are raking in so much money most of us can't even imagine. Now they are in the process of upgrading hardware on all servers because they expect a huge comeback of players when the expansion is released.
Should Gameforge expect a comeback of players? I think not. You played the game, you were good at it, perhaps you had the biggest fleet in your universe, you were unbeatable and now there's simply nothing else to do. It used to be a passion and an obsession, now it's just a annoyance.
I would stop playing long time ago, but I'm just too good at it :D
But as soon as I really get bored, I won't think twice.

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