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Ogame skin maker

OGame Skins Maker is an OpenSource Software disitributed under the GNU G.P.L. license.
It enables you to create your Ogame skins with simplicity and rapidity.

The software is appeared as a notepad equipped with the CSS syntaxic colouration which will simplify the vision of the code for you. It's wizard will create a code with half of the elements of a classic skin, as well as a skins viewver and an Images Manager.
Other less important tools make also their appearance like the Firefox Configuration Wizard, for you to use your skin with FireFox and the creator of server script, which will enable you to visualize all the skins available on a site in only one click!

OGame Skins Maker is available in varied languages: French, English, Dutch, Italian, Croatian and Turkish.

You can download OGame skins maker here or visit the website.
Also, an online skin viewer is available on the site.

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