How to cheat and get away with it


Foxgame is a free Firefox extension, and surprisingly, it's legal.


  • Automatic universe selector in login page.
  • Reduced galaxy view
  • Extra delete options and spy report options: You can control messages from the top or the bottom.
  • Fleet arrival and return time: In fleet destiny selection page you will see the time when you fleet will arrive and come back to your planet.
  • Fleet retreat time: In fleet page you will see the time when your fleet will arrive if you order to come back.
  • Multilanguage support
  • Almost all finishing hours: Research and buildings finishing hours, hangar's qeue finishing time, you can see date/time in overview if you wish and even in phalanx.
  • Highlight ally and private messages: Ally and private messages now have a diferent background to see them easily.
  • Highlight big debris fields: Debris fields bigger than you fix min will have different background in galaxy view.
  • Autochoose mision type: You can define mission priorities so FoxGame will select the mission according to that.
  • Online DBs integration: Send reports to Milos (only, EspRep and GalaxieTool directly within OGame (solar systems, stats and spy reports supported).
  • In mines and power plants info screens (the ones you see when you click in the name) you will see the diferences between your actual level and the rest.
  • Autoselect fleet destination: Select coord text anywhere go to fleet send screen and Voila! the destination is already selected. There is no need to take down numbers anymore.
  • Private message signatures.
I find it incredibly usefull, as it will save you a bunch of time. You can install Foxgame and see for yourself.


  1. Anonymous4:48 AM

    I must addmit interesting blog, altrough I must say first: you draw aline at stealing others accounts!? wich is wierd as this all cheats are no better from that, as you steal points from others so its preaty same to me steal account or steal points ;)

    In the other hand you are missing one addon script for Opera on your site, wich is farmost better from any existing mods of FoxGame and OperaGame or I should say most of those MODS. As they try to steal pieces of code from that addon script. Altrough original author quit ogame, I think there is somewhere very functional copy of it as it has too many hacks in it (some of those hacks forced GF to redesign ogame engine) that ppl would like to give up on that script too easy.
    Think the name of it was KillerScript or something like that.

    maybe you should explore subject on that script if you find any copy of it. as I remmember there was somewhere around 20k lines of javascript code in it, I would say mad man is the author but awesome look of script and functionality.

  2. I'm unable to find any script named KillerScript, nor have I heard about it before. If you can give me a link I'd love to check it out


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