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Is OGame Dead?

When I first noticed Officer's a few days ago, my first thought was about quitting this game. Now, few days later, after I read more and more about it, I am definately going to quit OGame. I've already found a guy I owe nothing to, but he's cool and as I write this my fleet is almost ready for a trip to a distant galaxy waiting to be recycled.

After playing for more than a year, it ain't easy to give up all that work. Officers are just the top of the iceberg. There's plenty of other things that bother me, firstly the serious lack of players in older universes. It's almost impossible to find someone to attack lately. It's understandable that players have no interest in joining some older, well established universe, but still, Gameforge should open new universes at a much slower pace.
Although I didn't like interceptors as a ship, mostly because they seem overpowered, I welcomed them because it was nice to see something new for a change.

Officers however, are more of an annoyance than a change. You might have noticed the polls on various forums, where more than 90% of the players are against Officers. But Gameforge (GF from now on) obviously doesn't have some public relations guy who could give us some clue about what's going to happen. For a company with 40ish employees, that sucks. It seems like someone from GF just woke up one day, and said to himself OMG LOLZ I know how we can earn money fast! Is it that hard to hire someone who could just come to the forum once in awhile, say Hi it's me from GF, my job is to listen and pass on your suggestions and complaints to the appropriate people. GF didn't even bother to inform their game admins about the change.
Protests, suggestions, petitions... it won't help if nobody listens.

This one is for Gameforge:
give Officers for free! Yeah that's right. You did good work with it so that way it won't go down the drain, and you can still save some player's respect in you as a company. It could be similar to choosing a race in various other online games - when we make an account, we can choose which officer we want. If we want more than one - then we have to pay.

I'm gonna wrap this up. Will Officers bring money to Gameforge? Hell yeah.
Will it bring many new players? Hell no. Will some old players leave because of this? I know one will.
I read somewhere that officers are supposed to stay for a week or so just for testing - but why did they sell it already for 3 months then? Gameforge guys should take a deep breath and think about what they are doing. Is this a desperate move, trying to earn some short-term money?

OGBot Version 2.0.7

Kovan's bot got updated several hours ago - my first wish is granted - you can reserve slots for manual fleet save. Now, I'd like alarms and auto fleet save please :)
Several other minor bugs got fixed, but nothing too important. The author seems to respond to user requests daily, so if you have any issues or suggestions, it's likely it will be considered, and if possible, implemented in newer versions.

Don't get fooled!

Asking for some information about ogame bot

dear everyone here, i am daniel, owner of a ogame cheat blog, i am collecting ogame tools like ogameanlizer, kover's ogbot..etc,and write feeling of using them, you can find them on my blog , some of my buddy told me that chinese ogame players are using one of those called OGManage, i tried to test and log into my blog but i can not get a copy. they tell me i can get one in this forum, so i wonder if anyone can send me a copy of OGManage and contact of the developer, my email address is thank you very much.
I found this post on this chinese forum.
Please note, that is not my email, my name, nor I ever posted that! My email can be found on my profile page, so please be careful who you send your work to. Whatever this Daniel guy is trying to achieve has nothing to do with me.

If you have any information about this, feel free to contact ME. Thanks.

The Best OGame Bot Ever!

I can't help myself, this is too funny not to share with you.

OGameAnalizer - Update

There's some news concerning OgameAnalizer bot. Unfortunately no new features, but I owe the author one so here it is:

- trial period is changed to one week
- it's possible to pay with Paypal now (price increased to $52 due to Paypal's commision)
- the website should be translated to english soon
- if you're interested an affiliate program, you can get a 30% comission for each sale

Kovan's OGBot 2

Version 2 of Kovan's OGBot was released a few days ago.
I wrote about it before but there are some cool new features:

- Now which planet will be attacked next is determined by a resource simulator that sorts target planets by quantity of potentially produced resources since last attack, and also taking distance into account.
- Possibility to choose which planet or planets are source of attacks. Moons are also allowed.
- Multi-language support. By now Spanish, English and Italian are included with the bot. To add one language just put the .ini file in the languages directory. Non-occidental languages should work also.
- Command line switch to have different configuration sets at once (example: --workdir uni18).
- Increases number of sent espionage probes until defense or buildings information is achieved.
- Redesigned user interface.
You can check out some screenshots or simply download it and try for yourself.
It's great work I must admit, and suprisingly free, but I'd like a few more features. First, auto fleet save when you're attacked, preferably with some sort of alarm (sound, e-mail) - sending your fleet and resources 2 minutes before the attack arrives, slowed down to 10% for less deut usage. Second, and very important, the bot should always leave 1 free fleet slot in case you get attacked. It might also be useful to alert when you receive a private message.
I tested it on, and it didn't work at first. It just kept spying the planets and didn't send any attacks, and later, when I deleted the espionage database and changed attack radio (should be radius I guess) the bot was only spying one planet (although 6 more inactive planets were in range) and still no attacks were sent. Logs didn't help. Later on, I changed attack radio to 0 and it finally sent a couple of attacks. Anyway, I think I figured out what caused the issue: the planet it kept spying had a much higher level of espionage technology than me; the bot keeps spying until fleet and buildings can be seen but 16 probes wasn't enough. The attacks are on their way so I guess I won't be seeing any new issues ;) ... Oh, that reminds me, Launch web browser button ain't working for me. Hopefully it's only me.
I'm already looking forward to the new version, perhaps then I'll reconsider and start cheating.
Do you have any suggestions or features you would like to see in newer versions?

So I got this email...

Dear Igor,

With this email, I just wanted to advertise you that the most reliable/valuable/extensible/modular and much more OGame Bot is not and wont be released ;)

It includes many improvments of basic (and even advanced) features that others bots have. And more new features that many peeps cannot imagine.

You have a great website and some tips you publish give us again some new ideas :D

Sure we will release something and I think the source code will follow, but I do not think people will have some interest in it when the undisclosure will be done (no date, perhaps after the OGame death).

Moreover I think that real usefull bots for OGame wont be released, just because it means that the OG operators/admins/coders can analyse it easier and find some ways to make them useless.

(name removed).

I received it last night. I was thinking whether to reply or not but didn't actually know what to say - except ask who's Igor.
Anyway, I'm wondering now whether this bot will be released or not. I don't want to sound like a critic, but first you say it won't be published, then you say "something" will be released with undisclosure, and lastly, "real usefull bots won't be released". Now I know what undisclosure is, but it will be impossible to prevent leaking unless you release it only to a very small group of people who you trust (unless I don't know what undisclosure is).
Two things I wanna say: first, what's the point in telling me (or anyone else) that you have the most reliable, valuable, extensible, modular, ... bot if it will never be released? I've stumbled upon a few things so far I would like to write about or try, but the authors made it for themselves and have no interest in releasing it to public. For example, resources finder bot: the author stopped developing it (I bet it's because he couldn't sell it to anyone) and is now trying to sell the source codes. Or OGameAnalizer bot, which in my opinion is overpriced for what it has to offer. But you said it yourself and I understand it - if you release it you can be sure that Gameforge developers will have a look at it and try to prevent it from working. They still visit my blog from time to time. If your bot indeed is so reliable, extensible, etc. then there's no way they can catch anyone using it, right? And if they do figure out a way to disable it, you can again find another way to trick the bastards :)
If you and your group wanna be famous and get a nice PR3 backlink from my blog (:P), you're more than welcome to contact me anytime. I hope you will reconsider and release the bot. I wouldn't even mind if you put a price on it, as long as it's reasonable and worth it.
Also, thanks for the compliments, if you need more ideas send me the bot and perhaps I'll have a few more ideas, or at least send me some screenshots or a list of features I can take a look at.

Thanks for contacting me, and sorry for my opinions.
You're welcome to comment here if you have anything to say.

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