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Asking for some information about ogame bot

dear everyone here, i am daniel, owner of a ogame cheat blog, i am collecting ogame tools like ogameanlizer, kover's ogbot..etc,and write feeling of using them, you can find them on my blog , some of my buddy told me that chinese ogame players are using one of those called OGManage, i tried to test and log into my blog but i can not get a copy. they tell me i can get one in this forum, so i wonder if anyone can send me a copy of OGManage and contact of the developer, my email address is thank you very much.
I found this post on this chinese forum.
Please note, that is not my email, my name, nor I ever posted that! My email can be found on my profile page, so please be careful who you send your work to. Whatever this Daniel guy is trying to achieve has nothing to do with me.

If you have any information about this, feel free to contact ME. Thanks.

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