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OGameAnalizer - Update

There's some news concerning OgameAnalizer bot. Unfortunately no new features, but I owe the author one so here it is:

- trial period is changed to one week
- it's possible to pay with Paypal now (price increased to $52 due to Paypal's commision)
- the website should be translated to english soon
- if you're interested an affiliate program, you can get a 30% comission for each sale


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I tried out the trial verson, logs in fine, launch web browser works and everything, but it never attacks, just keeps spying, seemingly randomly. Is this all the bot can do is spy on inactives and attack provided they have no defense? It can't even send in a couple cruisers to help out?

    Well it's a good idea and seems to work.... at least halfway, but for $52 you'd better make it a heluvalot better.

  2. You should ask the author about that, I never got to any ships on my trial so I don't know how it handles attacks.
    If you get a chance to try it more you're more than welcome to comment here about what works and what doesn't.


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