How to cheat and get away with it

So I got this email...

Dear Igor,

With this email, I just wanted to advertise you that the most reliable/valuable/extensible/modular and much more OGame Bot is not and wont be released ;)

It includes many improvments of basic (and even advanced) features that others bots have. And more new features that many peeps cannot imagine.

You have a great website and some tips you publish give us again some new ideas :D

Sure we will release something and I think the source code will follow, but I do not think people will have some interest in it when the undisclosure will be done (no date, perhaps after the OGame death).

Moreover I think that real usefull bots for OGame wont be released, just because it means that the OG operators/admins/coders can analyse it easier and find some ways to make them useless.

(name removed).

I received it last night. I was thinking whether to reply or not but didn't actually know what to say - except ask who's Igor.
Anyway, I'm wondering now whether this bot will be released or not. I don't want to sound like a critic, but first you say it won't be published, then you say "something" will be released with undisclosure, and lastly, "real usefull bots won't be released". Now I know what undisclosure is, but it will be impossible to prevent leaking unless you release it only to a very small group of people who you trust (unless I don't know what undisclosure is).
Two things I wanna say: first, what's the point in telling me (or anyone else) that you have the most reliable, valuable, extensible, modular, ... bot if it will never be released? I've stumbled upon a few things so far I would like to write about or try, but the authors made it for themselves and have no interest in releasing it to public. For example, resources finder bot: the author stopped developing it (I bet it's because he couldn't sell it to anyone) and is now trying to sell the source codes. Or OGameAnalizer bot, which in my opinion is overpriced for what it has to offer. But you said it yourself and I understand it - if you release it you can be sure that Gameforge developers will have a look at it and try to prevent it from working. They still visit my blog from time to time. If your bot indeed is so reliable, extensible, etc. then there's no way they can catch anyone using it, right? And if they do figure out a way to disable it, you can again find another way to trick the bastards :)
If you and your group wanna be famous and get a nice PR3 backlink from my blog (:P), you're more than welcome to contact me anytime. I hope you will reconsider and release the bot. I wouldn't even mind if you put a price on it, as long as it's reasonable and worth it.
Also, thanks for the compliments, if you need more ideas send me the bot and perhaps I'll have a few more ideas, or at least send me some screenshots or a list of features I can take a look at.

Thanks for contacting me, and sorry for my opinions.
You're welcome to comment here if you have anything to say.


  1. Anonymous2:20 AM

    Perhaps he was being sarcastic...

    By the way, I really like this site! I myself don't really cheat (I use a grease-monkey script which simply presents me with an overview of my fleet's abilities... I don't think it's really cheating, but I digress ;)), but this blog is still quite the coolness. Keep it up!

  2. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Just few words.
    Cheating in Ogame is not very difficult, and most cheaters have keep they code private until they stop playing.
    Java, Python, Perl are cool languages for doing that. And why people who has coded GalaxyTool, OGSpy and GreaseMonkey scripts are are able to do that, and most of them have maybe coded cheats (it's easyier than coding OGSpy for example...).
    For ex., coding a script which is able to save fleet and automaticly build took about 30 hours of coding, and I'm not an expert in html parsing... It's not the "ultimate" script, but now I can sleep, my fleet will be here tommorrow morning ;)
    If I do it, I'm sure that hundreds of players are doing the same thing, and maybe better...

  3. When and if you decide to share your script, I'm here :)


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