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OGame Ninja Timer

OGame Ninja Timer is a rather simple tool which will make it easier to determine the exact time when you need to send your fleet or recyclers.

From the author's website:

In OGame, there is a technique called the ninja. This requires precise timing, and I got sick of looking at my watch, or missing the right time. So, I wrote a program to time it for me.

This utility will beep for 1 minute before you need to send your fleet, 15 seconds before you need to send your recyclers and 10 seconds before the enemy fleet arrives.

The time when it tells you to send your fleets are offset. The ninja fleet is offset by the time it needs to arrive plus 10 seconds. That way, there is plenty of time for the page to load fully and have your ninja arrive a few seconds before the enemy's attacking fleet. The recycler timer is offset by it's fleet time plus 30 seconds.

It could use some work, especially on the design part, but the important thing is that it works. So if you find it usefull, go ahead and download it.

OGame Planet Builder

OGame Planet Builder is a new tool which was kindly pointed out to me in some comments.

It does exactly what the name says: you can define what to build and in what order, similar to the commander feature.
It only works for for now, and it can't build anything on your colonies.

Perhaps with adding research queues to the mix this might become a popular tool to help you get that transporter in early stages of the game.

So far, it's all pretty basic but it seems the author would like to add more features so you're welcome to check his site (website no longer exists) and give him some ideas.

I got some of my own so I'll just throw it here from the top of my head:
- as mentioned, adding research queues and perhaps even ship queues would rock
- some sort of timer to show when the current building/research/ship will be finished
- I know it's not what this tool was made for, but I have yet to see a good alarm bot - while it's logged in your account and building stuff, would it be possible to check periodically if you're attacked and if so, send an e-mail/SMS/play a sound?
- adding some sort of template for building and researching when starting in a new universe. There's dozens of guides about how to build as fast as possible, but most of them require you to be online in the first 48 hours. Just imagine - you could actually get some sleep with this thing!

So there it is. What features would you like to see?

Note: this software may send your username and password to the author.

OGBot v2.2 - no longer free!

New version of OGBot was released, with nice features as usuall, but also with a surprise this time.
The compiled Windows version of the bot is no longer free. Source versions are still free, and I hope it will stay that way.

If you downloaded the latest compiled beta (which was virus free, yay!), you might get a message saying it's expired.
If you want the full benefits, you will have to pay now. The cost is 1-2 € depending on your country.

In my opinion, it's a small price to pay for what it has to offer (copied from OGBot news):

- Support for new OGame login page.
- Login loop fixed.
- Added random delays to simulate human behavior
- Configurable deuterium source planet
- Espionage reports can be copied to clipboard by right-clicking.
- Added chinese, danish, russian and dutch languages.
- New plugin system.
- Harder to detect by game admins.
- A lot less espionages are neccesary, hence less overall activity.
- Before attacks only one probe is sent.
- Much faster inactive planets search.
- Reserved slots are no longer filled with senseless espionages.
- Attacks and espionages from planets with no probes or cargos are deactivated for a while.
- Rush mode at midnight (attack new inactive planets as they are found if they are very rentable).
- Option to stop attacks before midnight, in order to free slots for rush mode.
- Daily inactives scan is now done ASAP each day.
- Any available cargo type is sent if the selected type of attacking fleet is not available.
- Source planet and last espionage time are now shown in the main window.
- Internal algorithms rewritten.
- Minor changes and fixes.
- New translation item added in language files.

Also, the Google Discussion Group is now moved to a new forum. It seems much more convenient this way.
Hopefully now when the bot is no longer free, Kovan will update more often and make it even better than it is.

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