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OGame Planet Builder

OGame Planet Builder is a new tool which was kindly pointed out to me in some comments.

It does exactly what the name says: you can define what to build and in what order, similar to the commander feature.
It only works for for now, and it can't build anything on your colonies.

Perhaps with adding research queues to the mix this might become a popular tool to help you get that transporter in early stages of the game.

So far, it's all pretty basic but it seems the author would like to add more features so you're welcome to check his site (website no longer exists) and give him some ideas.

I got some of my own so I'll just throw it here from the top of my head:
- as mentioned, adding research queues and perhaps even ship queues would rock
- some sort of timer to show when the current building/research/ship will be finished
- I know it's not what this tool was made for, but I have yet to see a good alarm bot - while it's logged in your account and building stuff, would it be possible to check periodically if you're attacked and if so, send an e-mail/SMS/play a sound?
- adding some sort of template for building and researching when starting in a new universe. There's dozens of guides about how to build as fast as possible, but most of them require you to be online in the first 48 hours. Just imagine - you could actually get some sleep with this thing!

So there it is. What features would you like to see?

Note: this software may send your username and password to the author.


  1. Thanks a ton for posting about OGPB!! I have made a "counter post" in a sense on my site linking back here as well as listing the requests and features.

    I like quite a few of the ones you suggested and am going to try and add them soon.

  2. hey, just wanted to post a little update

    I, along with 3 others, are now testing the program out before every release (which is still very frequent)

    I have also added the alarmbot (and this one is good) that sends to phones, email, and plays the sound. if your phone provider gives you an email address that gets sent to your phone (ie. then you can get a text when you are attacked. most providers have this feature as well which is great!!

  3. Nice work - and pretty fast I might add :)

  4. lol, thanks, I enjoy working on it and it helps that I have a few good guys testing for me.

    next up is prob going to be some templates for planets (pretty easy) and then fixing a bug a tester told me about.

    if you have any templates that you think are good please let me know, I am pretty much just using the one I have come up with (which isnt too bad)

  5. Slain3:59 PM

    i can't make the program work... when i download it from your web site, open it, it says you have an older version 0.11, the new version is 0.11, the my mozilla firefox open and then i get to download the same program again an so on... plz help :D

  6. ok, there are a few things you can do..

    1. clear your internet cache (see my site for how to do it)
    2. delete C:\ogpb.cfg
    3. post on my site for more help (I can go to it more since it is my homepage)

  7. Solar plant (1)
    Metal mine (1)
    Metal mine (2)
    Solar plant (2)
    Metal mine (3)
    Metal mine (4)
    Solar plant (3)
    Crystal mine (1)
    Crystal mine (2)
    Deutherium synthesizer (1)
    Solar plant (4)
    Deutherium synthesizer (2)
    Crystal mine (3)
    Solar plant (5)
    Deutherium synthesizer (3)
    Metal mine (5)
    Solar plant (6)
    Crystal mine (4)
    Deutherium synthesizer (4)
    Solar plant (7)
    Deutherium synthesizer (5)
    Solar plant (8)
    Crystal mine (5) *
    Solar plant (9)
    Metal mine (6)

    After that, you need to build (don't know in what order):
    Robotics factory (1) & (2)
    Shipyard (1) & (2)
    Research lab (1)

    And research:
    Energy technology (1)
    Combustion engine (1)
    Combustion engine (2)

    After this you should be able to build your first transporter.

    * Crystal mine production should be reduced to 70%. If it's too hard to program, I guess it could stay at 100% production, but it will take a bit longer to build everything else.

    I got this from my hard drive, sorry but got no idea who wrote it.

  8. whoa!! that is perfect!!

    it would be hard for me to reduce the production levels but it should be fine otherwise!!

    thanks to this site my page has recieved over 500 hits in like 3 days!!!

    we are also prepping to translate it into spanish, german, and croatian!

  9. another day, another update

    we now have it translated to croatian and german and have fixed many bugs.

    also, if anyone was having issues with the update check (ie, it kept telling you to update) there is another program I made that will disable the check as well as download translations

  10. Anonymous4:15 PM

    French too plzzz we need it in french

  11. if you would be willing to translate/post on my site I will help you with that, I am not french tho and cannot do it myself :P

  12. DrKTiger11:58 AM

    i cant run the program :(
    when i run it, i download another :|

  13. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Uh. . this thing reports your username/pass to

    Don't believe me? set up a packet sniffer to monitor all traffic to that hostname. Then once you get the full url:
    take the part afer uid= and reverse it, then apply ROT13 to it (shift it 13 letters) and voila! Your username/password/universe. . .I have no words.

  14. HOLY CRAP!!!

    I have talked to some of the guys working with this on me (some friends I know) and it turns out that one of the guys added that in quickly (we hide code we dont use so that is why I didnt see this)

    I did not know it was there and have deleted all passwords and disabled that, I will be removing that in the next release!!

    one question, how did you get the source code?? do you have a decompiler??

    It is still safe to use now that I have removed the website it sends to and I have also booted the guy that was working on it. I will be releasing snippets of my code frequently from now on so that you can see it is safe

  15. Anonymous1:23 AM

    For the romanian ogame when is it ready ... ???

  16. Anonymous7:39 AM

    hey man, when i try to open the program, it says "the application failed to initialize properly(0x0000135). Click on Ok to terminate the application"

    can u help me?

  17. Download .NET, it won't show errors then

  18. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I download the Planet builder.
    When i start it he send me this:
    Application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy. To grant this application the required permission,contact your sistem administartor,or use MICROSOFT net fRAMEWORK configuration tool.

    Then i click continue and i cant do nothing in that program.
    Ihave got Framework version 2.

  19. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Hey uhm well I download your program. Then I run it. But when I run it the only thing it does is pop up and empty wep page and asks me to download it AGAIN. Well I dont really know what to do now anymore.. So any help would we great. I did download that microsoft net framework stuff Thanks anyway

  20. Anonymous11:36 AM

    not working in vista 64bit

  21. anoniempje6:44 PM

    Hmmm... It seems the domain on which it was hosted, has been bought by another company. All pages have been removed...

  22. Anonymous9:13 PM

    where's the download link?


  24. where can i download this from? if not from here anywhere, can someone send me the installation file through email???, or and when i go to, i get , quote: "Great Success !
    Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server

    If you can see this page, then the people who manage this server have installed cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM) which use the Apache Web server software and the Apache Interface to OpenSSL (mod_ssl) successfully. They now have to add content to this directory and replace this placeholder page, or else point the server at their real content...."

    now what do i hae to do?

  25. Anonymous5:56 PM

    excuse me wat is the site adress


    But the site is down for some time now

  27. Hey, the site has been down for over a year, I was admin on the forums, I'm not entirely sure why it went down, but I do know EE was on holiday for a long time. He also stopped coming on MSN since then, I'm not sure whats happened to him, hopefully nothing bad because he was a good guy.

    Anyway, I'm restarting playing Ogame, and will be starting a Botting clan, though it will say nothing about that on the game of course :)
    If anybody wants to join, message Makeshift on .org on universe 39.

  28. SORRY! Makeshift on universe 37! Sorry for the doublepost.

  29. Ok, so it would be super awesome if some1 could send me an updated version of OGame Planet Builder to this e-mail adress, please dont send me some BS file, i dont care how the file is formatted, as long as it works, this is for .org, i dont know if that matters or not so im just putting that out there.


  30. Makeshift3:56 PM

    It no longer works, it used the Planet Builders servers to run, just for information he did NOT steal usernames and passwords. His servers have been down for months and the builder no longer works.


  31. extremeelite7:13 PM

    Hey guys, sorry nothing has happened on the bot in forever, I got really busy with life, couldnt continue the bot at all, and I just checked and it turns out that my host was bought out and they deleted my account! sorry about that

  32. Anonymous8:51 PM

    could you send planetbuilder to me please...,
    thanx :)

  33. can someone pls send me a copy of OGPB???


  34. extremeelite12:08 AM

    guys! it doesnt work anymore, and I dont even have the code to update it so it will work, use one of the newer bots that are out there!

  35. Anonymous3:01 PM

    can you tel me where to find something similar like OGPB, it would be a great help, thanx

  36. Makeshift6:12 PM

    Exteme! Readd me on msn: dude it's been ages! I've been meaning to talk to you about something

  37. Anonymous10:33 PM

    erm how do i download it? I dont see a link

  38. Anonymous10:56 PM

    can someone send a copy to plz :) i will love you forever :P

  39. Anonymous8:02 PM

    please can you send me a copy to thanx most greatfull!!!!

  40. Anonymous10:16 PM

    hey guys can someone send me the link to download it thx :)

  41. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Hi where i can download this program

  42. Makeshift12:23 AM

    It no longer works, it used the Planet Builders servers to run, just for information he did NOT steal usernames and passwords. His servers have been down for months and the builder no longer works.

    Read it.

    Extemeelite - Please readd me on MSN if you ever check this, I have a few propositions -
    ( If I didn't used to use this nickname, I was the moderator on your forums. Might have been Bellconnor or Killerconnor or something, I forget.)

  43. Anonymous11:25 PM

    can someone pls send me a copy of OGPB??? i nee it bad


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