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OGame Planet Builder v2

A couple of years ago a new bot appeared by the name of OGame Planet Builder. Back then I posted about it, and while at first it looked like a very promising tool, it was soon discovered it may be stealing user's passwords and what not.

A new version of OGPB is in the works by a couple of folks. The authors claim it does not and never will steal password or anything like that, so it's probably "safe" to use (don't forget no bot is 100% safe, Gameforge is like an ugly fat chick just waiting to catch you!).

For more details about the features visit the OGPBv2 forum.

The tool is currently in beta and you can apply for testing on their forum, as well as submit your own suggestions. Personally I can't try out the bot and don't know how and if it works, but you're welcome to check it out. With your help it might get released sooner rather than later, so go ahead and visit OGPBv2 forums and apply for beta testing.

Just don't get caught ;)

OGame Bodyguard

OGame Bodyguard is a new bot which is so far completely free, and appears to have more features than any other bot so far. It has possibly everything you will need from a OGame bot, including:

  • Fleetsave - if an attack occurs, this bot can automatically send away your fleet and resources, as well as start production of ships to save any extra resources
  • Automatic building and research - it can build a planet or a fleet all by itself as soon as necessary resources are available. It also supports simulation so you can see and calculate exactly what and how you want to build. Looks like it has everything OGame Planet Builder was supposed to have (which is discontinued for some time now).
  • Auto attacks - OGame Bodyguard can send attacks and farm planets even when you're not around
  • Fight simulator - it can can simulate attacks so you don't have to use any other programs for it. Although it's risky, you can also use it with the auto attack feature.
OGame Bodyguard supports all localized OGame versions, as well as multiple accounts, meaning it should be safe to login with more than one account as long as they are on different universes. You will most certainly be banned if you play two accounts in the same universe with this bot. It does have an overview window which clearly shows production and resources on all of your planets, as well as a feature to manage your messages. I tested the automatic building and it worked fine, and it doesn't appear to be stealing your passwords which is always a good thing.

You can see a full list of features here or get the bot now!

OWaechter - OGame RSS Reader

Unlike OGam3r RSS Reader, this one is free, but only works on ogame.de.

The program will conveniently nest in your system tray and notify you of any scans, transports, attacks etc.

There's also a number of features planned like battle report archives, startup options, remote warnings and more.

I hope it will work soon on ogame.org and other localized versions. You can check OWaechter website for more info and download. There's also a forum available if you have any questions.

OGam3r RSS Reader

The OGam3r RSS Reader will retrieve your ingame messages via RSS feed, and notify you of any events, such as spying or attacks on your planet.

You can check here to see how it looks and read more about it.

It would be nice to see some other features, like sending emails when you're being attacked, or status of production/research or similar. Or at least combine the author's other project, OGame Ninja Timer with this.

Of course, it's not free: you'll have to dish out $10 to use it for 3 months, so it may not look so appealing, but if this is something you've been looking for, you're welcome to check it out.
I can't try it out so I got no idea if and how exactly it works, so don't blame me if it turns out to be something you didn't expect. For any concerns you might have I recommend mailing the author and asking him.

Kovan's OGBot Modified

Since official Kovan's OGBot doesn't work anymore, you can download this modified bot which works with OGame 0.77c.
It has pretty much the same features, but also a number of new ones, including some which will hopefully make it harder for game operators to detect it.

You can find the changelog and some additional info on ondealfa.free.fr, or get support on Kovan's OGBot forums.

Since I stopped playing like 8 months ago (phew, so long), I haven't been much active as far as OGame is concerned, so I'm pretty much out of the loop on most of the things. Thanks to a kind reader that pointed my attention to this! Due to the lack of accounts I can't test if and how this customized OGbot works, but judging by the activity and support on OGBot forums it seems it works well. It's pretty simple when it comes to configuring it, and you should be pillaging thy fellow players for resources in no time.

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