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OGame Bodyguard

OGame Bodyguard is a new bot which is so far completely free, and appears to have more features than any other bot so far. It has possibly everything you will need from a OGame bot, including:

  • Fleetsave - if an attack occurs, this bot can automatically send away your fleet and resources, as well as start production of ships to save any extra resources
  • Automatic building and research - it can build a planet or a fleet all by itself as soon as necessary resources are available. It also supports simulation so you can see and calculate exactly what and how you want to build. Looks like it has everything OGame Planet Builder was supposed to have (which is discontinued for some time now).
  • Auto attacks - OGame Bodyguard can send attacks and farm planets even when you're not around
  • Fight simulator - it can can simulate attacks so you don't have to use any other programs for it. Although it's risky, you can also use it with the auto attack feature.
OGame Bodyguard supports all localized OGame versions, as well as multiple accounts, meaning it should be safe to login with more than one account as long as they are on different universes. You will most certainly be banned if you play two accounts in the same universe with this bot. It does have an overview window which clearly shows production and resources on all of your planets, as well as a feature to manage your messages. I tested the automatic building and it worked fine, and it doesn't appear to be stealing your passwords which is always a good thing.

You can see a full list of features here or get the bot now!


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Tried it and it doesnt work.

    It looks like its a windows only program.

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I downloaded it and it works fine for me.
    And you are true it is a .exe windows program.

  3. Anonymous3:43 AM

    hey I downloaded it but I dont know how to install it can anyone help me please?

    P.S. Yes, I have WINDOWS

  4. Anonymous3:06 PM

    It is a zip file. You just have to unzip it and double clik on the .exe file.

  5. Anonymous2:00 AM

    can i use it on a xnova server ?like ?

  6. Annonn12:20 AM

    ogame just updated. all bots dont work.

  7. Anonymous1:53 AM

    i have get it now, but i can get the auto attacker to work
    can anyone help

  8. [rant]

    A game is a collection of rules that we choose to play by to have fun.

    Fun, the reason it is fun is that other people are smart, they are difficult to beat but if we can overcome their opposition this is very satisfying.

    Artificially reducing or removing this opposition reduces the fun. You are no longer playing the game you agreed to.

    Building machines to cheat really well at Ogame is a challenge, that is fun, but USEing a bot to automatically play the game for me is a waste of my time. (and it ruins the game for other honest players)

  9. red, well said (see, it even rhimes:) but every time I was attacked till now I wasn't on-line. It has nothing to do with smarts (partly), it's about who's awake and who isn't XD

  10. Few questions:

    1. This website is DOWN, does anybody have (or is anyone willing to put up) an alternate downloadlink.

    2. Does this shizzle work in Andromeda?


  11. I have the 403 access denied problem. Why don't I have permission to download the bodyguard?

  12. Anonymous9:51 PM

    they took down the site because there bot was made for the old version of ogame the new system has different locations of links and how to build so they will have to rebuild the hole bot

  13. can someone upload it somewere it still works fine on all but the 5 new uni's and i would like to have this bot

  14. link is dead.. can someone upload the file?


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