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Is OGame Dead?

When I first noticed Officer's a few days ago, my first thought was about quitting this game. Now, few days later, after I read more and more about it, I am definately going to quit OGame. I've already found a guy I owe nothing to, but he's cool and as I write this my fleet is almost ready for a trip to a distant galaxy waiting to be recycled.

After playing for more than a year, it ain't easy to give up all that work. Officers are just the top of the iceberg. There's plenty of other things that bother me, firstly the serious lack of players in older universes. It's almost impossible to find someone to attack lately. It's understandable that players have no interest in joining some older, well established universe, but still, Gameforge should open new universes at a much slower pace.
Although I didn't like interceptors as a ship, mostly because they seem overpowered, I welcomed them because it was nice to see something new for a change.

Officers however, are more of an annoyance than a change. You might have noticed the polls on various forums, where more than 90% of the players are against Officers. But Gameforge (GF from now on) obviously doesn't have some public relations guy who could give us some clue about what's going to happen. For a company with 40ish employees, that sucks. It seems like someone from GF just woke up one day, and said to himself OMG LOLZ I know how we can earn money fast! Is it that hard to hire someone who could just come to the forum once in awhile, say Hi it's me from GF, my job is to listen and pass on your suggestions and complaints to the appropriate people. GF didn't even bother to inform their game admins about the change.
Protests, suggestions, petitions... it won't help if nobody listens.

This one is for Gameforge:
give Officers for free! Yeah that's right. You did good work with it so that way it won't go down the drain, and you can still save some player's respect in you as a company. It could be similar to choosing a race in various other online games - when we make an account, we can choose which officer we want. If we want more than one - then we have to pay.

I'm gonna wrap this up. Will Officers bring money to Gameforge? Hell yeah.
Will it bring many new players? Hell no. Will some old players leave because of this? I know one will.
I read somewhere that officers are supposed to stay for a week or so just for testing - but why did they sell it already for 3 months then? Gameforge guys should take a deep breath and think about what they are doing. Is this a desperate move, trying to earn some short-term money?


  1. space pioneer6:05 AM

    space pioneers, just lke ogame but not gay.

  2. Did your message mean the end of this blog ?

    Goog way back in real life.

  3. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I'd recommend not quitting this blog. It is just one more reason for people to cheat!

    After all, officers is little different than cheating. It legitimizes the need of this blog.

  4. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Hey here is a usercontent.css that blocks all ads on ogame including the new officer shit

  5. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I like Officers accounts.
    Now, I'm proud to cheat ;)
    Before them, I thought I was the bad guy, because able to sleep when my fleet was automaticly saved, or automaticly attacking inactive people (and still sleeping ;) ), etc.
    But now it's fine, with Officers and other king of thing, Ogame is dead, so, no more conscience problem for me.

    Anyway, I'm looking for one or two "english spoken" Ogame accounts, with at least 50k points for one of them, for translating/testing my bot script in english spoken universes (it only works in another langage now...).

  6. Anonymous9:29 PM

    It's pretty funny who talks of unfair. The cheaters. It's not officers who get 10% extra income that ruin the game but the cheaters that are uncrashble or automaticly attack inactives.

  7. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Hi everyone, i just wanted to know how the language can be changed...
    is there a a special option in the menu or shall i put the .ini file somewhere ?
    Thanks for your replies.

  8. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I know how to hack OGame officer!!!

  9. Anonymous5:48 PM

    This is really sad. If you dont like the game Dont play. Dont bitch about it.

  10. Bitcher5:45 AM

    You know whats sad? people who "bitch" about people who "bitch". Its hypocriticle, and doesnt solve anything. People have a right to bitch, thats how others find out that they fucked up. Like Gameforge.

  11. Anonymous1:39 AM

    I have not played ogame myself but I am at the moment playing Warpfire, another product from Gameforge.

    Gameforge do not listen to the users they ignore the views posted on there forum's, when they update the game they are not looking to make it more enjoyable they do it to make as much money as possible, and when they have driven away all the players they will shut it down, so don't spend real cash playing there games.

    Lets face it, what do you expect, there is very little that is free, that is going to very good.


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