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OGBot Version 2.0.7

Kovan's bot got updated several hours ago - my first wish is granted - you can reserve slots for manual fleet save. Now, I'd like alarms and auto fleet save please :)
Several other minor bugs got fixed, but nothing too important. The author seems to respond to user requests daily, so if you have any issues or suggestions, it's likely it will be considered, and if possible, implemented in newer versions.


  1. I'm so impatient that this bot works on french server ! It's seem particulary nice ! Some people who have test can say us a little bit more about his fonctionnalities ?!

    Good game !

  2. Anonymous9:55 PM

  3. I never got this bot to work fully, at first it would get all the way to spying on planets, but would not log the spy reports. Now after all the updates to it doesn't work at all.

  4. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I want to try this one, but it don't work on the French server yet, nobody want to translate it.

    I had don't it for the preview version, but the authr didn't answerd.

  5. The bot is now updated to work with the latest version, 0.76
    + some minor bugs fixed

  6. Anonymous6:33 PM

    can i get bann if I use OGBot??

  7. As far as I know, you can't be caught using it. At least not yet

  8. Anonymous1:07 AM

    It works fine on french server, nice job...

  9. Well, I successfully got it working... mostly. It randomly has bugs and errors that cause it to 'restart' - by that I mean it says "Something unexpected occured, see log file (which doesn't tell me jack) restating bot."

    But yeah, other than having to redo it's database by searching for planets - again - and then having to spy on them - again - it works fine. I've got 2 planets I use it with, and I've got the bot set to a 60 solar system radius so there's no shortage of targets.

    In short, despite it's flaws it does what I'm too lazy to do and does a better job of it, and for that I'm grateful :D

  10. I found out the source of my problems. Turns out the bot works perfectly (at least the newest version) provided you leave it alone, once you start messing around in the Ogame window the program can launch you can screw things up royally. For example, using the empire feature of commander tends to screw it up more often than not, and the bot will also screw you up. I tried building a bunch of heavy lasers on one planet, but ended up doing it on the planet I had the bot set on because whenever it's running it is constantly switching back to said planet. I've also made it send a fleet from one galaxy to another because I was messing around, so it's best to leave it alone.

    I reccomend if you have to do anything on another planet just hit the pause button or stop it altogether. You can however, keep hitting the overview button to refresh the fleet screen repeatedly without trouble.

  11. does anyone know how to set a proxy in ogbot? My problem with setting up a proxy in ogbot is the username and
    password that show up in the example. By username and password i mean
    the fact that proxies i use only use IP and port, there is no user or
    password input. If someone can explain it to me i would be very

  12. Anonymous5:48 PM

    You do realise these bots will get you banned asap right? Read the pillorys on .org (particularly uni 30) and weep. You are going to be found damn cheaters

  13. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Hi everyone, i just wanted to know how the language can be changed...
    is there a a special option in the menu or shall i put the .ini file somewhere ?
    Thanks for your replies.

  14. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Can you please ask the author if he could be so kind to make a dutch version as well?

  15. Anonymous8:46 PM

    can you make it able to be used for ?


  16. They cannot know if you are using this bot if you use proxy, because this bot can simulate that it is Web Browser FireFox, with FoxGame extension.
    But they can know that you are using it if you get login into game with your Web Browser when the bot is running.
    Fist PAUSE the bot, then click into bot "Launch Web Browser", then do what you need, then close TAB/WINDOW or whateve (DONT LOGOUT), and then press RESUME button in Bot.

  17. Anonymous2:32 AM

    pliz ogame.RU

  18. Anonymous5:53 PM

    this thing is such a help it makes me go up as one of the fastest in ogame :) i went from 20.000 points to 40.000 in a week :D

  19. Anonymous10:57 PM

    i have a question about the bot.. but when i start it the log-in ip is mine or another one?

  20. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I can't install this bot on my computer!!

  21. Anonymous2:10 PM

    This bot isn't working for me!!! I can't install it on my computer.I have downloaded bot in WinRAR file. Then I open the file and it says CANNOT EXECUTE OGBOT!

    How can I fix this problem???
    Can somebody please help me???!!!

  22. daniel6:15 PM

    hey man can you give us link for download

    i have this kovans-ogbot-windows_2.1.2d

    and i cant use them on
    pleas help

  23. Anonymous6:45 PM

    guys can yo help me with this>> it says somethn unexpected occurs and in the log file it says

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "OGBot.pyo", line 96, in run
    File "OGBot.pyo", line 131, in _connect
    File "WebAdapter.pyo", line 89, in __init__
    IndexError: list index out of range

    what can i do??
    or tel me how to set the settings

  24. Anonymous11:45 PM

    anybody have the OGBOT working for the new page of OGAME?

    p.s: For windows

  25. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Is there any bot who work on
    and is there any free bot?
    If it is please send to me on e-mail
    i download all this bots but there is no one working :(
    Please help me !

  26. I would like to help you but I dont know too!
    I play too and I cant find working bot :( anyone can help?

  27. Anonymous11:41 PM

    hhey guys i realy want a bot that works for
    but they changed the version it is now (v0.77b)
    so could someone give me a link that i could get a working boat plz ?????????

  28. Anonymous5:17 PM

    does anybory nous about the update of the ogbot for the new verson of ogame???is there a link that we can is my mail..for some one who nous

    thanks ogamers

  29. Anonymous4:45 PM

    somebody know if Kovans Obot will come to work with the version ?

    would help me alot if somebody could tell me an date or somethings like that.

    please contact me if it will be possitble

  30. Anonymous1:49 PM

    know we have the version 0.78
    can anybody hlp us, that the skript works with this version


    Open your Language file (in the BOT file) and write there the Translation: (Across the bottom)

    Expedition technology = (Translation in your Language of "Expedition technology")

    Expedition technology is the new Research in Ogame, so to BOT must have the Translation^^


  32. Anonymous3:08 AM

    mhh thebut the bot dont working on version 0, stops when its searching for inactives....can someone fix this?

  33. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Can anybody tell me how to buy it

    i want to pay throught my mobile

  34. New version this bot is on page:


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