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Careful with new Kovan's

There's a lot of fuss lately going around Kovan's OGbot.
It seems Gameforge is constantly trying to disable it's functionality, as well as catch people that use it. I've even received an email yesterday stating that the latest version is infected with a virus. It was rather hard to believe it, but after scanning it myself I saw it contains a trojan. There are several reports about it on the discussion group as well. There's no official word about it yet, but I'd advise you to be careful about using it until it gets fixed.


  1. whoa! thnx for the warning :O

  2. It seems that the new version is not working anymore, cause GF changed home page and bot can not log in.

  3. viperfx.agff.net2:34 PM

    hey dude thx for the warning.

    btw im the admin of ogame topsites, and i would like to say thanks for visiting it and joining, you should put a banner up so u may increase in the ranks.

    could u also tell other people with ogame realated websites, so may be ranked also.


  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I have windows on my computer and I can't even install OGBot on my computer?


  5. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I have to say that the new Bot is made by some community people, and is NOT official...

  6. Anonymous1:17 PM

    wtf the GF change login page.
    And it's impossible to find kovan to patch his bot.

    What we can do?

  7. Anonymous1:18 PM

    If the admin of this amazing site can find kovan, pls tell him to patch this annoyance of the home page changed pls

    or public his new mail

  8. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Since they change the login page, that is impossible connect with Kovaan's...

  9. Anonymous9:37 AM

    do you think that its possible to make ogbot work again ? or does the new ogame site totally block the use of ogbot? you`ve gotta beat the system :P free your mind kovan :P

  10. Spenser Jones7:11 PM

    dudes, it is so simple to fix it, kovan is prob just busy, I would do a quick fix but I dont have a python compiler that works and it may be sketchy because someone released that one with the virus and everyone will be wary!

    does suck that someone took advantage of everyone tho!

  11. Spenser Jones7:14 PM

    lol, ignore my message, just go to and try the beta that was just released, if it comes up with an error delete the botdata folder and try again!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Well, I've to say that your blog is very cool. Thank's for your work !
    Now I have two questions, it's about multiaccounts... I want to know if we can use proxies to have some multiaccounts and if admins can find the principal account...
    Finaly, I want to konw if you know a bot wich is abble to make us having hundred multiaccounts...
    I repeat, good work, please continue ! :)

    Last thing, I 'have to tell you that I'm not english, or american, I'm french, so excuse me if I've done some mistakes :S

  14. Anonymous9:25 PM

    hey, i tryed the new beta version but is that kinda like a patch or something. but it doesnt work i get an error :( i dunno ogbot is the best but right now it doesnt work anymore. did he take account with that the new site has changed, i guess he did just want to make sure.

    Kovan you are a great help to alot of poeple ! :)

  15. Anonymous9:48 PM

    wow shit what is this when i start ogame i get send back to the homepage . has this something to do with ogbot? do they have my name and password or something :S wtf

  16. Spenser Jones11:28 PM

    yeah, ogbot isnt a full release yet so it is a pain to run :'(

    don't know why it takes so long to test tho unless they are adding a ton of stuff!

    what do you mean you get sent to the main page? you type everything in and it send you back without saying anything??

    Thanks ExtremeElite!!
    great program, works very well for getting a planet started up!! Kinda confusing with the universe selection but i just copied the DOMAIN from an open ogame window and it worked fine!!

    keep up the good work, and this is a great blog!!!

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. @ ExtremeElite

    I'm sorry for deleting your comments.
    I don't know what data your application sends to your site, but honestly it just looks too fishy.
    In future, if you get good feedback from people on your site, or release the source code I'll be happy to post about your app; I just don't want my blog to become a place to advertise some programs which could easily steal your account information.

  19. lol, I totally understand!!

    I will list off all of the http requests for you then... (you can even get a program to track them if you want) - current version check (go to it, all it says is 0.03)

    http://[[ogameserver]]/game/reg/login2.php - this is the login page (gotta send all of the info in post variables)[[uniqueid!!]] - this is so I can track how many unique people use it and how many times it has been used in total (just like knowing the usage on what I make), all it sends is an encrypted username-universe string, why encrypted?? so that if gf manages to get access to my db (by requesting access from my hosting provider for w/e reason) they cant get any usernames

    http://[[ogameserver]]/game/b_building.php?session=[[usersession]] - and here is where the bot starts working!! this is the buildings page, from there I am able to tell if something is being built, if you have enough res to build something, and how long it will take

    if you want the source code, I will send it to you!! (no sharing tho!!!) I got nothing to hide!!

  20. Anonymous8:52 AM

    According to Kovan's page, the new version has no viruses (and my AVG confirmed it, too). Apparently the myth started when a forum user uploaded their 'modded' copy of OGBot - and is had a nasty in it.

    2.2 BETA is clean, people!

  21. Anonymous12:19 PM

    how do i install kovans ogbot please someone explain me and does it work on the new ogame homepage or not?

  22. Anonymous1:17 PM

    that is the worst shit that i have seen ... u must pay to use ogbot.. hahaha

    but i wont pay! ..

    I am organizing some people to crack the kovans obot and put it free again for everyone!

    see u guys

  23. If you're able to crack it, I guess you're also able to use the source version (which is free) and compile your own version of the bot.
    Or did I get something wrong?

  24. Thats what I understood from it too, you are paying to get a compiled version.

    or you can download a free source version which you can compile yourself


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