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Ogame wants you!

I talked a bit about various player's suggestions on Ogame forums in one of my previous posts, but this time I'll help you if you feel like contributing.
I'll use only forum, since players from various other localised universes gather there, and it is believed that more serious and experienced players are on
If you want to post your own suggestion, I recommend reading rejected ideas first, then do try reading the general suggestion rules so your thread won't get deleted immediately. Although 99.9% of the things you will post will be flamed, mostly by forum moderators and admins who are too lazy to pass on your feedback to appropriate developers, it's still worth a try if you care about the game.

If you're suggesting a new ship, this program might be handy for you. Be sure to read dead end ship ideas, maybe yours was already suggested.
If you're idea is about something else, you can read about dead end suggestions in general.
I have to admit, what some people post there is complete bullsh**, but every now and then there are, at least in my opinion, brilliant ideas, which get great response from community.
Why there is usually no word about it from developers, I have no clue.

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