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SheepPro - OGame Galaxy Map

SheepPro is a searchable galaxy database available for all .org universes, much similar to Galaxytool (I'll say a few things about that soon ;) ).
I can't find any information about how often it is updated on SheepPro website, but when searching about it on forums someone mentioned once a month. Gameforge says this tool is illegal, because the author uses an automated script to search the galaxy.

Let's try to clear this a bit shall we.

In this thread:
User: you cannot ban someone for visiting a website (sheeppro)
not to mention track it at all.
Game Admin's answer: I can and I will...

So, this admin can obviously track the websites you visit? Oh dear what a child... There are only two ways he can know you visited SheepPro website: you can either tell him yourself, or he would have to get access to website owner's visitor logs - no real chances for any of this to happen. Even if you visit the site, doesn't mean you used it. The only person that can get banned here is the admin (website admin not OGame admin) because, as mentioned, he uses automated means to scan the galaxy and input it into the database. They can track him thats for sure, there are many database queries when he scans the galaxy and it surely does raise an alert or two.
Again, you are perfectly safe to use SheepPro (whats sheep got to do with OGame?), just don't tell it to the admins.

Well enough about that. Lets review the features a bit. All of the standard stuff is here, searching for players, viewing statistics, alliances... But the advanced statistics search rocks. You can filter the search with custom values. For example, it's easy to find players with, say, more than 1000 and less than 3000 ships. I bet it can be very usefull to all the raiders out there.

Thanks a bunch to a dear reader who pointed me to SheepPro ;)
If anyone has anything to contribute just post a comment. Thank you.


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Apache records the access of every file accessed under accesslogs on the server. It records an IP address and the headers.

    If they can match the headers from the accesslogs and record the headers from login, then basically you're screwed.

    What they should do to block it is to add sheeppro's IP address into iptables to block referals. Since its sheeppro's server accessing the page right? If that doesn't work, use .htaccess or modify the httpd.conf to block referals from sheeppro's IP and dns names.

  2. They can track the owner of SheepPro - but not the users that search on it for information

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Well, i'm a galaxytool user. I use it for 3 french universes and EVERY NIGHT i auto scan every galaxy of each universe ...
    guess what ? still not caught.

    It's hard to do this when server are in stress ( when most players are playing ) but at night it's OK.

  4. My ID nevery ban which use to update.

    fandatou: SheepPro Author

    what's mean sheep?
    sheep is a plant which you can attack

  5. There is now an equivalent for sheeppro
    here it is

    It covers .org and french and german universes. According to staff on, it's against the rule to use it

  6. OH and actually they could track the users of sheeppro if ogame's staffmembers were the owner of sheeppro. Could sheeppro and alikes be cheater traps?

  7. cheater traps... just by creating such a trap staff is breaking their own rules, basically encouraging players to cheat and then banning them..
    polish website so popular among players its #1..

    Updated monthly/weekly/daily depending on the Uni, stores all information about ogame accounts/allys, points, stats, progress, members- anything.

    And nobody on the staff ever cared, even tho we used to have the most players on


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