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OGame Automizer

OGame Automizer, as the author says, is a client for OGame with some automated tasks, but not yet a bot. Anything with automated tasks is a bot, no?
Supposedly it is undetectable, because unlike other bots, this one emulates your browser requests.

Features (can also be found on OGame Automizer forum):
- Sound alerts, with customized sounds upon receiving new messages, attacks etc.
- Production Statistics
- Fleet movements
- Production and fleet overview of all planets
- Automized invest
- Automized transport fleet sending
- Player database
- Integrated Internet Browser

It requires Java to work, so make sure you have it if you can't run this bot.
The instructions can be found on OGame Automizer's site (if you can't open the page, check back in a few hours. Hopefully the downtimes will be fixed soon).

(Thanks for the tip, Thomas!)


  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    features update
    - Multi Account Management
    - Integrated Battle Simulator
    - Sounds alert (attack, spying, your attack is arriving to destination, new message)
    - E-mail you, if attacked
    - Production Statistics
    - Fleets movements
    - Runtime overview of all planets (production and fleets)
    - Automazed invest with Construction Queue
    - Automazed transport fleet sending
    - Players Data Base
    - Spy players activity
    - Integrated Internet Browser
    - Languages support
    - Proxy connection supported
    - Bot activity scheduler
    - Universal Fleet Sender (save fleet in less then 1 second)

  2. free_user_experience8:54 PM

    i am banned using this bot, is a bad bot, i lost all accounts, another bots are more secure because have a Antiban function, for example OGuardian (

  3. Creator of OA10:54 AM

    No one bot is safe 100%, just say me one that safe 100%. And as OGuardian bot, OGame Automizer have Antiban Function = Bot Activity Scheduler that just disable the program for X time, and by this avoid 24h/24h usage, so it's not really promised Antiban Function, just a big word for a simple function that is : be reasonable when you use bots

  4. Anonymous3:34 AM

    i got busted u stupid coders xD

  5. Anonymous5:03 PM

    esiste un sito italiano su ogame automizer:

  6. OGame Automizer : Updated 12/2009

    Features :
    - Multi Account / Multi Server Management
    16 OGame account can be managed simultanously on Different Server : .de .pl .fr .it .org .ru .pt .ba .nl .gr .tw ...
    - Fleet Saver
    - FREE SMS notification
    - Integrated Battle Simulator
    - Construction Simulator
    - Debris Recycler
    - Spy Players Activity
    - Sound alerts (attack, spying, new message, your attack is arriving to destination)
    - E-mail you, if attacked
    - Customizable Sounds (Place your Hard Core .mp3 in "MySoundsWhenI'mAttacked" to play them when you are attacked)
    - Production Statistics
    - Fleets movements
    - Overview of all planets (fleets movements, production and buildings/techs/fleets/defences)
    - Automazed invest with Construction Queue
    - Automazed transport fleet sending (fleet scheduler)
    - Players Data Base
    - OA Time Activity Scheduler
    - Integrated Browser (Mozilla or IE, accoding to OS)
    - Universal Fleet Sender
    - Proxy connection supported (only Basic HTTP/Proxy Connection is supported)
    - Languages support (translated in 23 languages)


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