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ProxyWay - Find proxy servers for OGame

I wrote about using proxy servers to hide your multiaccounts before, but here's a tool that will make the process of finding fast and reliable proxy servers much easier.

ProxyWay provides anonymous surfing and allows you to hide/change IP address from the web sites you visit. You can easily configure different browsers/applications to work through ProxyWay, it doesn't matter if you like Firefox or some other browser, the configuration is simple. You can even play OGame in a browser, while in the same time some bot does all the work on a different account. I won't get much into details about how to set it up here, since there's an awesome guide on ProxyWay website.
ProxyWay can also make your multiple OGame accounts even harder to detect by GO's since it can filter out proxy servers by country, so it can actually seem like you're playing from the same country - but you have a different IP.

There's a free version of ProxyWay; it may not be the best or the prettiest software out there, but it does it's job.

(Thanks to James for the tip!)


  1. He he... nama u Hrvatskoj nije potreban jer nemamo fixne IP adrese!!!

    Croatia doesn`t need this software bcoz we don`t have fixed IP adress!!



  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    kako mislis nemamo fixne ip adrese?

  3. The point is, you can play on two accounts in the same time, just let your other browser or bot connect through a proxy. You don't need to bother changing IP address whenever you want to play on a different account.


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