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Ogame Auto Player

[Edit, 19.01.2007.]

Is seems the author can't be contacted and this is a waste of money.

Don't buy it!

[end edit]


  • Auto build mines in order solar plant, metal mine then crystal mine.
  • Warns when you receive espionage by sounding off a siren once.
  • Warns when beeing attacked by playing siren sound till you come back to the computer.
  • Auto ship out resources to your main base which is a very tedious task in ogame.
  • Option to turn of auto ship so can keep resources. (what's that?)
Unfortunately, the author doesn't respond to my e-mails so perhaps this cheat can't even be obtained. More bad news - it's not free. It will cost you $10 to get the bot. Whether it's worth it or not... I don't know. There's no screenshots, no updates. Looks fishy. If you want to try it though, check the website.


  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Just sent him an email myself, guess we'll see what happens.

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Well I figured what the hell, 10 bucks let's see if this works. it's been about a week and I still have no program and no response from that email account, I doubt it's even being used anymore.


    So when are we gonna get a English bot that not only works but works on .org? -_-

  3. I edited my post, hopefully nobody else sent any money.

    I shouldn't of posted this in the first place, I'm sorry for your money.

    About your question: I'm waiting for several weeks now for one guy to tell me whether he wants me to post about his bot or not, I tried it already and it works on .org,
    It's in russian, but it can be translated to english on request.
    I'll see if I can rush things up.

  4. Hi

    I am the program creator the bot does exist. Just me internet has been down for other 1 month.

    Apoligies. Using internet cafe at moment. And soon as i get internet back will respond to all emails.

  5. mikeano12:58 PM

    Kovan's Bot works just fine with tested it myself. It's free, clear and the writer replies to emails. Opensource too, should anyone like to chip in.

  6. What does tha bot do. Mine just sit back and watch it build your mines. Alarms you of attacks, and ships resources to you main base. gonna produce a video of it working so you can see how cool it is.


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