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Unification Wars

Unification Wars is an excellent alternative to OGame. Whether you got bored with OGame, or you just want another little addiction, you should consider this.

Why should you play UW instead OGame?

  • 124 technologies - OGame has 15
  • 8 alien races
  • more than 60 artifacts
  • more than 300 single player missions
  • hundreds of different battle strategies
  • cash prizes
  • 33 ships

It looks a bit confusing at start - but this game has hundreds of features that OGame will probably never have. There's plenty of singleplayer missions that guide you through the complexity of this game and help you understand how things work.
It can be played with a normal browser just as OGame, but you can also play with a client if you prefer better graphics and music.
There's no catch. Unification Wars is completely free, it will only cost a minute of your time to make an account and see the advantages it has to offer.


  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    the only thing i dislike is the layout, but apart from that its prety cool!!

  2. Anonymous11:59 PM

    ive played the uw and its rubbish i dont like it, you will soon find that you need to pay money to do sod all in the game, and also the refresh is noware near as good as ogame, you could get attacked 200 times and not knpow about it till opps my fleet is gone

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    nerd, you will soon find that you need to pay money to do sod all in the game....not necessary i became 1 of the top 100without ever needing to pay, and also the refresh is noware near as good as uw refresh aint important just when u click on something it will autorefresh, you could get attacked 200 times and not knpow about it till opps my fleet is gone....u can get attacked a max of 8times if u dont keep attacking others before youll get In damage protection for hours....get a life dude

  4. Anonymous1:44 PM

    lol you dont need to pay unless you want extra features i got a friend whos one of the top 100 in the game and he dosent have a paid acount

  5. Anonymous9:13 PM

    playing without paying and doing well is possible... but harder... stephen (owner)is all about the GREED and not about the community. we play in spite of him, and suicide newbs who don't know to defend their expensive Titans, loooool

    still... i'd like to find a good alternative, because it soooo buggy and stephen is always messin' with crap, wrecking stuff, siiigh.

  6. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Could the proxy for mulitiple accounts idea with ogame be used on unification wars? Thus allowing you to farm yourself :).

    Reply via comment plz.

  7. Anonymous12:44 PM

    It should work for just about any browser game

  8. Anonymous8:48 PM

    I'd rather like to be sure that it can work...
    To lose the account would be..annoying

  9. Anonymous11:41 AM

    NAAAAAH this game has nothing on ogame, even the gui of the two games is different, ogame has a much more appealing gui.

    this game is ok, but too complicated, with walk throughs etc, and i h8 the fact that you if you dont bcomes harder.. sort of like officers... pay and it becomes easier.

    i'm afradi id give this a 9/10 for effort of matching ogame, but a 6 in doing do.

  10. Anonymous11:42 AM

    since they (server ogame) change the home page, kovan's ogbot, don´t work in Portugal, how can be solve?


  11. Anonymous9:29 PM

    uw's good, not as good as Ogame- but it's got different ideas. you don't need to play, though it cuts you. still fun

  12. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Never thought I'd find a post on UW here. Heck, the whole reason why I came to OGame in the first place was because UW was nerfed by the owner (Stephen).

    Good old days of Strafez, those days that will never be.


  13. Anonymous5:00 AM

    There was though, one bot created for Unification Wars. It automatically researches infrastructure for you.

    Contact for details.

  14. Anonymous9:55 PM

    No matter what, UW just can't match up to the good ol' fun that is ogame. Three reasons.
    1) to complex, to much stuff to do.
    2) It is a bit harder to navigate than ogame.
    3) in ogame you never feel pressured to pay for commander or officers, those are only for the hardcore players.

  15. Anonymous2:38 PM

    dude you should be ashame of your self! cheating...

  16. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I played ogame for several months, quit, played uc(uw) as u call it, and ive been playing that for almost 2 years. never payed a dime, paid accounts easy to get... so many ppl who play have good paying jobs and since they are friends they can afford to cover me noprob. :P

  17. Anonymous11:55 AM

    this game is a waste of time its a idiotic game

  18. I'm a UC player, dont lie just to get traffic to your site. UC is far from free, very far from, its on of the most expensive games on the planet.

  19. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Wow, OGame better than Unification wars? WHY, I played Ogame, there's absolutely nothing to it, u get everything, then there's nothing to do but upgrade, there are a ton more people in Unification wars than Ogame, more ships, technologies, artifacts, there are ministers, and it does tell you when you get attacked, your power tab blinks until you press it and it tell's you that you've been attacked, and if you get attacked a few times you get damage protection, so you can't get attacked for 2 days, unless you deactivate....

    By the way, play the High graphics version, basically flash, you don't need to refresh, Ogame doesn't have that.

  20. deathfire10:10 PM

    UW is an awesome game. Walkthroughhs are only for the noobs who can't figure anything out on there own.*snickers* noobs.
    Sure stephan is recking the whole the thing the moron. but still it is better than most things out there. i for one love the game and for the noobs who tried it and are calling it dumb because they couldn't figure anything out.well get a life plus the reason for feds (federations) are for people to join together and they will tell you what to do if you ask them.


  21. Anonymous9:14 PM

    both games have flaws, ogame had more though, I actually prefer galactic conquest, an older version of uw

  22. Dont forget, you were a noob once too. What is a noob? A social construct to place on new people to get them down? Simply a term to describe a new player? Or perhaps something more sinister... Noobs make up the game, and rule it with an iron fist. If you dont understand, or just want to here more, keep reading. They rule the world, because everybody is a noob. *We* are the noobs. No matter how high you are, there is always someone better, or in time there *will* be one better. You were all noobs when you started, and will continue to be 'til you quit. Weren't *you* called a noob when you first started? At which point does one cease to be a noob... and change into: SOMETHING ELSE! Is there a designated level? Do you have to get a certain item to transition? Do you have to finish a certain quest? The answer, simply put, is D.) None of the above. Those who call other lower-leveled players "noobs" are what we philosophical game players dub, choobs. Without choobs, there are no noobs, and without noobs, likewise. We must not strive to aggravate each other with titles and names. Let us not forget, we are all truly noobs, and all work for a greater purpose, the cycle of the MMO, the galaxy, if you will, our characters preside in. These individual MMO's serve their greater purpose, the MMO market, which in turn serves the economy, then humanity. A circle of life, of sorts. Low-leveled or high, we deserve not the title of noob, newb, n00b, choob, or others, but should be titled as friend, brother (or sister), fellow player, or comrade. Remeber: YOU ARE THE NOOB! Ah, who am I kiddin', go kick some alien, monster, or player's &@$#!N" @$$!

  23. i shiver at the thought of gc lol... but it's not that bad, just doesnt peak my interest. i played ogame, and it pwns at first... but then just becomes boring for some reason. uc has kept me for more than 3 yrs now, and although stephen doesn't update it much, there are now plans for BIG changes within the next few months. practically ALL the ships are going to be nerfed, shielding and whatnot included. New ships introduced, some removed, etc.

    the truth is, nobody needs to pay money to become good. of course, you're potential will inevitably increase if you do pay, but there are still methods of getting the same stuff for free. I've never spent a nickel, and through hard work I've managed to save up(earned, or have given to me) several hundred DP's over the years. if you can't afford it, there are some very generous people who will even volunteer to help, ya just need to find em :)

    and of course, stephen would never plan or do an update this big himself, and it's true. someone else is doing it under his permission :) we can thank a very special admin for it all lol.. anyway, we will probably be waiting until sometime around feb. of 2010 for this, but it will be worth it.

  24. Only prob is that the game gets repetitive after a while...

  25. I played this game for a while when I was 8, 2 days ago I suddenly remembered it (im 15 now). When I got on I discovered that although I had to start from the beginning my 350 mil credits had carried over. :)


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