How to cheat and get away with it

Poll results: Did you ever cheat in OGame

Today is exactly one month since I asked you if you cheat in OGame or not, so I thought I'll post a short overview about the poll's results.
At the time of writing this, there are 655 votes in total. 129 people have answered yes, meaning they cheat(ed), and 526 people answered no. In other words, 20% cheaters. Just a little more math, since December 13th to this moment, there were a little over 8000 unique visitors, which means 8% of the visitors voted on the poll (if my math is correct).
Does that mean 20% of all players cheat? In my opinion, no. Most of you (40%) found my blog on Google, searching for cheats, bots, scripts... Why would someone who hasn't cheated before search for cheats now? And people who did cheat before are more likely to search for more cheats I guess. Perhaps I asked the wrong question in the poll, but that's why I'll ask another now. What I want to know this time is, did you cheat in OGame before you found this blog. This should give us more exact numbers, and also I'll see if I helped you cheat or if I'm completely useless.


  1. Anonymous2:37 AM

    As you said, your results are obviously going to be biased. Most people who don't cheat wouldn't even find this site, and those who do cheat probably would. Also, not everybody that comes to this site has cheated or does cheat, but that doesn't mean they don't try to. A more appropriate place for a pole like this is the official ogame boards, but that might be a bit suspicious ;)

    Personally, I don't cheat and havn't cheated, but that's only because I havn't found a working bot to use :P

  2. Anonymous11:46 PM

    what is the point of playing if you are going to cheat? Honestly, go try and cheat death by trying to fly off a really really tall building or something.

    If you cheat you will get banned eventually, and you'll never have the true satisfaction of being a good player.

    BTW, I found this gay site by searching ogame world, it was on page four, and I came here to comment on how gay you are.

    bunch of n00bs, the games not that hard in the first place dicks.


  3. Anonymous4:10 AM

    I never cheated, and I have almost all programs, for cheating available on the web. My interest is finding out how they work, and use it to my advantage on the game. Because I know that most "top" players use cheats and scripts. And I did crash some of them because they where using scripts which I identified, and knew weakness in there actions.

    So be very aware of which scripts u use, cause some one might be as me :P

    But I also find the page funny, and I kind of see the charm of cheater, like some kind of pirates. U guys rock!!! (still want to crash all of you anyway)

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    well i dont now what you meen by these questions because i ve tryed to find some cheats for something like reasorces but i havent find any
    so i m not cheating but if hear is some cheater i would like to use some i just want to have the (o)game
    easier to not wait that long


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